BIMEO responds to the growing demand for solutions for the production of renewable biogas - biomethane - from industrial, agricultural, livestock and urban waste. We work together with our customers towards a common goal: a green future world through renewable energies.

BIMEO is composed of professionals with long experience in the environmental sector in general and in the biogas sector specifically, and is prepared to provide integral solutions for the production of biomethane, from the initial pre-treatment stage to the injection of the biogas into the grid.

Our high-performance technology is based on the higher CO2/CH4 selectivity of the leading Sepuran® membrane.

We can apply our processes in multiple markets (industrial, agricultural, landfill, etc.) offering integrated solutions adapted to the specific requirements of each project.

With all this, we offer our customers the experience and qualifications of our staff and a market-leading membrane that allows us to provide solutions that minimize environmental impact, reduce operating costs and provide maximum guarantees of operation.

Corporate identity



We provide biogas upgrading solutions for biomethane production with the market leading membrane Sepuran®.



To be a reference for the production of biomethane in the market.




By analyzing market evolution, we detect variations and anticipate future needs.


As our mission, we provide solutions for environmental care.


We care about our team equity, work-life balance, and equal opportunities.


We encourage continuous improvement to achieve most demanding challenges in environmental care and our customer needs.


We focus on ensuring the highest quality of our products to satisfy both our team and client's best expectations.

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