It is a biogas upgrading system based on membrane technology using the patented 3-stage separation process. A leading technology with great energy, environmental and process advantages.

Sepuran® membrane

The ValorGas® system incorporates Sepuran® hollow fiber membranes made of polyamide to provide the best permeability and selectivity characteristics, especially recognized and applied in biomethanization plants.

Retentate permeate

Biogas Upgrading process

The biogas obtained by waste digestion, after the removal of impurities, is subjected to the ValorGas® system under specifically defined conditions of pressure, temperature and humidity to achieve the highest selectivity between CH4 and CO2, using the difference in permeation velocity between the two gases.

The CO2 permeates faster and the CH4 is concentrated and obtained as retentate.

The separation process is performed at pressures between 12 and 20 bar and in a temperature range between 5 and 90ºC, being essential the adequate design to achieve the best operating performance according to the composition of the biogas to be upgraded.

The ValorGas® system also integrates a sophisticated control system that allows a high level of automation while ensuring maximum stability.

3-stage separation

The highest possible selectivity in a single membrane separation step is insufficient to achieve a high percentage recovery.

For this purpose, the patented Sepuran® three-stage separation process is applied, where each partial gas flow (permeate and retentate) is conducted through two new membrane units arranged in series.

The recirculation of the low-quality waste gas to the treatment header avoids any performance loss while obtaining the highest possible concentration of CH4 and CO2 in the production lines.

This results in a high purity of the biomethane and CO2 streams and a significant reduction in operating costs.

3-stage separation


ValorGas® offers great advantages over other conventional techniques for biogas recovery.

  • Cleanest current technology
  • Highest efficiency > 99%.
  • High flexibility and reliability
  • Better CAPEX/OPEX ratio between investment and operating costs
  • Longer plant life
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