Membrane system for biomethane production

Research, development and innovation

As part of a group of companies with 50 years of experience in the environmental field, and based on our specialization in the biogas sector, we have acquired expertise and know-how that has helped us to promote a sustainable energy solution that contributes to the protection of the environment and the circular economy.

At BIMEO, we rely on a continuous innovation process that strengthens our commitment to sustainability. It allows us to provide complete solutions for the biomethane production from the organic waste valorization.

Biomethane drives the energy transition through decarbonization and favors the reduction of emissions to achieve climate neutrality. In addition to contributing to efficient waste management, it generates a valuable energy resource for multiple applications.


Main applications

The biogas upgrading sector is related to different markets. Those coming from the raw material sources and those deriving from the applications of the two energy resources resulting from the separation; biomethane and carbon dioxide. The biomethane obtained can be injected into the grid, liquefied, compressed or used as fuel for vehicles. The carbon dioxide can be used in greenhouses, slaughterhouses or as a gasifier in carbonated beverage companies.

Some of the markets related to raw material sources are water treatment, food industry, agriculture and livestock field, paper industry, landfills or waste treatment plants.

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